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  You may wonder what equipment it takes to run an internet radio station. Well, trust us it does NOT require everything you are about to see. Dr. Boogie just likes having stuff whether we NEED it or not. Mostly it’s “not.” In many cases the B100.fm Studio is filled with “not necessary” hard and soft ware. But that’s part of the FUN that we consider so important. Obviously we aren’t doing this to make money so costs don’t matter. Except thatRead more

The Original Cast of B-100

  This historic photo was taken the weekend before B-100 signed on for the first time (March 1975). Within a short period several Boogie Brothers and Sisters joined the B-100 family, including Gary Kelley, “Just Kevin” Anderson, Phil Flowers, Glen McCartney, Ken “Beaver Cleaver” Levine, Cherie, J.R. Rogers, Gene Knight, Shotgun Tom Kelly, Danny Wilde, John Fox, Ellen K (Thomas), Danny Romero, Mike Novak, Christopher Lance, Kathy Aunan, The Rich Brothers: Frank Anthony, Scott Kenyon, Pat Gaffey & Bobby RichRead more

How do you like our cool website? Here you can hear. Here you can enjoy. Listen to and learn about the legendary San Diego station B-100 (now heard on the internet.) And, I will be filling you in on a lot of cool stuff right here on our new website. VERY special thanks to Gregg ‘Four G’ Garcia and long (LONG)-time friend and Hall of Fame broadcaster Bill Vancil for their leadership in creating and upgrading this site.Read more